Win8 Surface Pro: Will it be the Catalyst that Puts Passwords in the Science Museum?

Just last week the email accounts of former U.S. president George W. Bush, his father George H.W. Bush and several other family members and friends were broken into, and private details exposed. In the past three months attacks against U.S. credit unions, many different companies, and the heightened prominence of phishing attempts should prompt IT departments to explore ways to more easily move their users into “no more passwords” territory.

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Win 8 Surface Pro – How a Real Tablet Should Operate

Everywhere we turn we see tablets: They’re used in presentations, featured in advertisements, bragged about in social circles – it’s all about tablets. The Win8 Surface Pro, however, represents something no one else has done before, which makes it ground-breaking. Here’s why: While CIOs around the world have been trying to figure out how to handle the BYOD phenomenon, Microsoft has focused on tackling the tablet’s usability and security in the context of the workplace.

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In-House Expertise with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 a Plus

The list of Wave’s customers runs the gamut from household names with hundreds of thousands of employees to consulting firms with only ten-strong. No matter the size, the probability that these organizations are using the Windows Server 2008 infrastructure is high. As the dominant player in the market, Microsoft Windows servers account for more than 75 percent of all servers sold, according to an IDC estimate back in 2010.

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Trustonic: Sounding Clarion Call for Trusted Computing in Mobile

Yesterday’s announcement of Trustonic, a new venture from ARM (the UK-based chip company), Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient, signaled that industry was finally getting serious about the need for trust built into smart connected devices—just as more and more consumers and corporate users look to conduct commerce or financial transactions on their tablets or smartphones.  Trustonic’s formation stands as a validation of the transformational role Trusted Computing will play in the mobile device security of tomorrow.

Wave is an official launch partner, and it’s fitting, as we’ve been one of the most strident advocates for a safer, more trusted computing environment for more than a decade now, since we introduced our EMBedded Application Security SYstem, or EMBASSY solution. EMBASSY included a chip that provided a programmable trusted execution environment (TEE) that securely ran ‘trustlets.’

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Time for CIOs to Act on Cloud Safety Measures

Recent research has revealed that fewer than half of CIOs test cloud security systems and procedures. At the same time, the survey, conducted by risk consulting firm Protiviti, reported that 84 per cent of respondents were concerned about cyber security.

This reveals a contradiction: why do CIOs care about cyber security, and yet not exercise measures to ensure data safety within the cloud?

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