Wave CEO Discusses Scrambls on KLIV Radio Show

Steven Sprague talks with Silicon Valley’s KLIV CEO Show about the new scrambls service, the evolution of hardware security, and innovation in the Silicon Valley and beyond. The full interview is available below.


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IT Harvest Interview Part III: Windows 8 and the Link to Trusted Computing Security

In February, Microsoft announced its Windows 8 consumer preview. The enterprise release, rumored to be ready in October, will feature strong authentication, eDrive (Encrypted Drive) support, and UEFI for secure boot—all central concepts of Trusted Computing.

In this third installment from Steven Sprague’s interview with analyst Richard Stiennon, the conversation turns to the Windows 8 launch: what it indicates about Microsoft’s involvement in the security industry, what it means for enterprises using Windows, and how to ease the transition to the new platform.

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Extending Open Standards to Secure Mobile Users

What can’t you do with a mobile phone these days? Check corporate email, watch a video, post on Facebook… as demands for functionality on mobile devices increase, so do security vulnerabilities. Security measures in the mobile space typically focus on protecting the interests of the network operators, not that of the user, enterprise, or third party service vendors. In the interest of expanding safeguards, the Trusted Computing Group has extended their open-standard security architecture to support this explosion in use. In Part 2 of Steven Sprague’s interview with Richard Stiennon, he touches on the potential of the Mobile Trusted Module (MTM), starting with secure authentication for mobile users.

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Downloading Patient Data to an Unencrypted iPad?

Unthinkable, right? But as Wave CEO Steven Sprague tells IT Harvest’s Richard Stiennon, if the right safeguards aren’t in place, it could happen. In the first of seven video clips, Steven elaborates on why known computing is a concept IT can’t afford to overlook. Enterprises must know which devices are allowed access to sensitive data and the capabilities of those devices. IT must know whether a device is healthy, and if they are dealing with an Advanced Persistent Threat.

Watch Security Matters for future segments on mobile, cloud, and more in the weeks to come.

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Cyber-Defence Goes on the Offense in Europe

The European Commission announced plans last week to launch a European Cybercrime Centre, set to open its doors sometime next year.  The agency will address several strategic goals for the EU’s member states. Among them, it will act as a correlation engine to extract patterns from Europe’s cybercrime Big Data, highlight potential weaknesses in cyber-defences, provide early warnings for emerging threats and identify organised attacks and prominent offenders.

Most notably, however, the Centre’s launch signals that cyber-defence has become a matter of national policy in the EU.

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