Wave Virtual Smart Card 2.0 Wins Gold in the 10th Annual Hot Companies and Best Products Award

Wave Systems has earned yet another award for its Virtual Smart Card 2.0 (VSC) solution, this time taking home the gold in the ‘Hot Technologies’ category for the Network Products Guide 10th Annual 2015 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards.

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National Cybersecurity: We Need a Fortress, Not a Sandcastle

On the second anniversary of the now historic and infamous Edward Snowden NSA leak, and in the wake of yet another mega security breach aimed at the U.S. government, Wave Systems’ President and CEO, Bill Solms, offers his perspective in a recently published, high-profile op-ed piece in the Huffington Post.

The hack that resulted in the theft of information on 4 million government employees didn’t need to happen. We had plenty of warning and next to nothing was done.

Last Friday marked the second anniversary of Edward Snowden’s infamous NSA leaks. Those leaks not only exposed major government data collection efforts on which much debate has already been focused, but they also exposed some fundamentally troubling lapses in cybersecurity practices at one of our most sensitive government agencies. Whether you view him as a martyr, a traitor, or possibly both, Snowden’s exploits did more than anyone else to call our attention to the sorry state of data protection in this country. The NSA found itself reeling from a massive breach perpetrated not a by an enemy state but by a talented junior analyst with a mission to bring the system down. It was the loudest warning shot in cybersecurity history and unfortunately our government didn’t listen…or if they listened then they failed to act decisively. That is potentially even more troubling.

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Wave to Demo Two-Factor Authentication and Data Protection at Infosecurity Europe 2015

From 2nd to the 4th June, the information security world will once again converge on London for the 20th instalment of Infosecurity Europe – the IT security industry’s de facto meeting place to engage, network and communicate.

While thousands will assemble in London at Infosecurity Europe to talk hot topics, trends and emerging products, Wave Systems will do what it does best at the show – we’ll demo our cutting-edge security products, we’ll highlight their features and we’ll show attendees how they work through comprehensive demonstrations.

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The New Wave Cloud: Encryption Management Made Easy

Encryption must be a basic component of any information security strategy. It’s the equivalent of locking your front door. Encryption is readily available on PCs, Macs and, of course, self-encrypting drives (SEDs). If encryption is available and everyone agrees that it’s a good idea, why doesn’t every company use it? Encryption is perceived as hard to understand, time-consuming to deploy, and difficult to manage. The truth is that yes, encryption itself is a complicated subject, but deploying and managing it doesn’t need to be. That’s why we’re now introducing Wave Cloud version 3.1.4.

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Embracing the Inevitability of Change as Wave Pursues its Cybersecurity Mission

Wave Systems is a company based on expertise, ideas and people – in pursuit of excellence in solving some of the major cybersecurity challenges of our time. Hundreds of people have contributed to our company over our history and helped us to get to where we are today. Their contributions remain in our corporate DNA and make us stronger, but as in everything, change is inevitable and particularly in the fast-paced world of technology and software.

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