Wave Virtual Smart Card Named Gold Winner at Golden Bridge Awards

Wave Systems has been announced as Gold Winner in the “Information Technology (Software) Innovations” category at the 6th Annual Golden Bridge Awards. Wave won for Wave Virtual Smart Card 2.0, our new solution for secure device authentication. (Two years ago, Wave won top honors for deploying and managing SEDs in the “Case Study and Deployment” category.)

“Our product development team has done a terrific job,” said Bill Solms, CEO of Wave Systems. “Enterprise security breaches are occurring with increasing frequency and severity. We challenged our team to deliver a solution that would transform an organization’s ability to secure itself from these malicious cyberattacks. Wave Virtual Smart Card now offers an essential line of defense to organizations requiring strong access protections.”

Wave CEO Bill Solms with Wave's Golden Bridge Award.

Wave CEO Bill Solms with Wave’s Golden Bridge Award.


HITECH Compliance – You Can’t Wiggle Your Way Out of This One

At this year’s HIMSS Privacy and Security Forum held in Boston on September 8, I’ll have the pleasure of joining IT security leaders from Kaiser Permanente and Providence Health & Services to address security compliance and the BYOD movement in a session titled, “The BYOD Tightrope: Balance User Demands and Your Organization’s Risk Tolerance.” My peers and I will touch on the pros and cons of adopting a BYOD policy, the technologies and the strategies used to manage BYOD risk, and how best to secure devices and patient information without disrupting workflow.

I have spoken many times about healthcare data and IT security on behalf of Wave Systems. With its many new programs and mandates, the U.S. healthcare system has experienced somewhat of a rebirth that began decades ago and was more recently reinforced by President Obama’s Healthcare Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act in 2009, which authorized billions of dollars in federal subsidies for the meaningful use of electronic health records (EHRs). This Act includes both rewards (in the way of bonuses) and punishments (a decline in Medicare reimbursement rates) for healthcare institutions based on their adoption of these newly enforced healthcare IT laws.

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A Modern Approach to Authentication – The Virtual Smart Card

Authentication plays a vital role in our daily routine. For example, most of us start our day by either logging into a laptop/tablet or unlocking a smartphone to access email, voicemail or other information. In fact, much of our day-to-day processes require some form of authentication – whether it’s securing your house when you head off to work, unlocking your vehicle and even entering your work office via security badge, keys or otherwise.

The bottom-line is that we use various forms of authentication for both IT and non-IT applications while ignoring the ease of use and technology advancements.  A key problem is that the authentication schemes used by the majority of enterprises today were developed more than 30 years ago; some have improved over the years, yet many are in dire need of an overhaul.

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Reasoning that Could Kill the California ‘Kill-Switch’ Bill

A smartphone ‘kill-switch’ bill that mandates antitheft software technology be pre-installed on all smartphones in California has successfully passed a Senate vote (27 to 8) and is now headed to the Governor’s desk for final signatures and approvals. Minnesota was the first state to adopt a kill-switch law, implementing it in May 2014.

Introduced by California State Senator Mark Leno and sponsored by San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon, the kill-switch bill requires all smartphones sold in California and manufactured after July 2015, to adopt kill-switch software. While the current target is California, it is expected to have national ramifications. Some are touting this as a big win for consumers. Smartphone manufacturers? Not so much.

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Wave CEO Bill Solms Interview with Richard Stiennon – Virtual Smart Card, Total Cost of Ownership

IT Harvest’s Richard Stiennon interviews Wave Systems Corp.’s CEO William (Bill) Solms. This segment touches on Wave’s Virtual Smart Card (VSC), as well as total cost of ownership.